Feel-ing scared?

Feel-ing scared?

A new horror title called Feel is in development for Wii in Japan. It's being headed up by Takashi Shimizu, the director behind scary movies like "The Grudge". The game is said to loosely follow one of the Ju-on films released in 1999.

Some basic details have emerged:

  • 1 or 2 players can take part.
  • Wiimote used for torchlight and other items.
  • Game is currently 60% complete.
  • Should be released this Summer.

As always, there's a good chance it will stay in Japan and never grace our shores.

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Valentine said:

If Ninty doesn't own it I think it will have more of a chance to be released in America. Really want to play fatal frame 4.


Brawler 200 said:

Hold on, this is just fan service so it can't be a very good game.

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Mike said:

If you're wondering, The Grudge is an American remake of Ju-on. That or I've had too much to drink and Ju-on is actually a brand of toilets.


kareem said:

I want fatal frame only.


wiiboy101 said:

Japanese girls crawling in a robotic manner with wet hair covering their faces has never EVER been scary. Why do like 100 different Japanese horror titles do this rubbish?


answer to wiiboy said:

They are called onryu (or something like that) and are traditional japanese ghosts. Learn some culture.

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