Wii's a lumberjack and Wii's ok

Wii's a lumberjack and Wii's ok

In a press release Majesco has just announced a new party game for Nintendo Wii. It's called Go Play Lumberjacks.

This game aims to bring all the thrills and spills of being a lumberjack into your living room, sawdust and all, using the Balance Board and Wiimote to perform a number of actions like:

  • Chop
  • Climb
  • Saw
  • Logroll

Go Play Lumberjacks is coming out this May (dismay?), some screens are now up on the game's page.

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User comments


Zendalf said:

Works all night and Wii sleeps all day =].


Wii Rox said:

Wii eats it's lunch and uses the lavatory.


aRBee said:

Wii puts on women's clothing, and it hangs.. around in.. bars? O_O.


crazman said:

Awesome game.

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