Heatseeker locked onto Wii

Heatseeker locked onto Wii

Codemasters are teaming up with Aussie developers IR Gurus on a new flight combat game called Heatseeker.

With an emphasis on dogfighting, Heatseeker puts you in the cockpit of a number of real life planes such as the F-22 Raptor, F35 Lightning II, F-15 Eagle and Russian SU-47 Berkut.

It's due for release in early 2007. The game is said to be based on a more advanced version of the engine used for Heroes of the Pacific, which was a popular WWII title from last year. There's no word yet of how the Wii's controller will be put to use.

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cubeboy101 said:

At last no more on-rails flying. Wiimote can revolutionize flying in games, true 3d flight stick and point and shoot aiming. That pilot wing feeling all over again.


Darunia106 said:

Cool, a flying fighter game. Maybe this will fill the void left by Star Fox 64.


Wii-Worshiper said:

Flying games are cool, for Wii it will be sweet.


ganondorfrules said:

Yeh go the aussies!


King Bobby said:

Sweet, I love airplane games. Booom!


Ja-Mez said:

Aussie Aussie Aussie! Oi Oi Oi!


Ekaj185 said:

I'm from New Zealand. A lot of people here don't like Austrailians. Personally I like most things from them. Cool. Sounds good.


SDARS said:

Way cool game. Any idea how to get past level 4.5?

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