Hex Heroes Kickstarter ends soon

Hex Heroes Kickstarter ends soon

Funding at 60% with five days to go

Prismatic Game's ambitious Wii U exclusive Hex Heroes is still in need of support. The game currently has five days to go and still needs funding to realize it's ambition.

Described by the developer as a Party-RTS game, Hex Heroes would actually use the Wii U GamePad for gameplay. In short, there are both single and multiplayer modes where one player uses the Wii U GamePad for broad strategy and others use Wii remotes for more action oriented play. Even Nintendo has largely failed to take advantage of the GamePad's potential, so here's hoping this interesting title gets the support it needs.

If you feel like contributing, or simply wish for more information, feel free to visit the game's Kickstarter page or Prismatic's Website. If you do not feel like contributing, but still wish to help out, Facebook and Twitter support would also be welcomed by Prismatic.

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