LostWinds sequel in the works

LostWinds sequel in the works

This isn't exactly new news, but developer Frontier's website confirms that a sequel for LostWinds is under development.

LostWinds has taken the WiiWare service by storm (ha) and is currently the 2nd most popular download on there. It also happens to be awesome.

An MP3 of the official theme is available too from the official site, it's 1 minute long and can be downloaded here.

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Diddy Kong Lover said:

Can Lost Winds 2 please become a game you can find in a store, not downloadable. It's got the potential.


Nintendoof said:

That popular huh?


MaxyDawg said:

Sweet, but I already knew that.


Wiipaw said:

And could they make it longer? 2-3 hours of gameplay can make a game pretty forgettable, even if it is LostWinds.


Wiipaw said:

Boy, the wind can be an unpredictable person. One second, it's asleep, and another, it gets lost.

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