Doc Louis gets in the ring

Doc Louis gets in the ring

Some prizes have been made available for Club Nintendo members who reached Gold or Elite status. Gold members can enjoy this Nintendo Calendar for the year 2010:

Platinum members though, get something a little more exciting. They can choose between a Mario hat, or a downloadable version of Punch-Out!! where you take on the trainer Doc Louis (and only him).

Note you don't need to own the Punch-Out!! retail game to enjoy this one-on-one bout. Screens of which can be seen below:

What would you choose?

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Yoshi-1up said:

I chose the hat. It was VERY hard to choose though. I'm a collector so having digital things don't count that much to me. But I really wish I could fight against the doc.


GQ said:

I would choose the hat. I have wanted a mario hat ever since I was a kid.


insultman911 said:

I hate decisions.


Monkeylemur said:

Doc Louis's punch out.


Jettwinlock said:

I think it's just cool they did something like this.


GQ said:

How much stuff does it take to register to get platinum?


ewolf35 said:

I wish there was a way to get both.


YoshLee said:

I have a Luigi hat but I could use a Mario one so I'd choose the hat. I have punch out already and don't think one more charry to fight would make a difference.

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Nova said:

I was so close to getting platinum. So very close.


gamer guru said:

Ooooh! We buy about 10-15 games and all we get is a calendar! Yes, I'm gold status. It's never enough.


Mischief Shadow said:

The hat for sure.


Nintendoof said:

At least we get something, this was tough for me. But I guess I'm going with the hat.


Snubble said:

Isn't that hat just like the sofa cushion wiisworld posted a while back or an actual hat?


Southpawms20 said:

Man I figured it would be something crappy, but they're both so cool. Luckily I have two club Nintendo accounts and they're both platinum so I get both.


Wii Cloud said:

Heh. Doesn't those screenshots just yell "EPIC!"? Like c'mon, dark surrounding, with just you and your teacher. You decide.

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