Mario Party 8 release date and others

Mario Party 8 release date and others

Nintendo have announced a release date for Mario Party 8. In North America the game will be released on March 5th in 2007.

Other release dates from Ubisoft are also available. The latest installment in the Splinter Cell series Double Agent will be released on November 28th.

Open Season will be available on November 30th.

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cmk said:

Ugh. Let's hope MP8 can resurrect the series.


Master Foot said:

Who cares! Where's Prime 3?!


Amazon Kevin said:

Party on Mario. Party on.


Wii-Worshiper said:

Cool, but what about SMG?


Ras said:

You know what game I want? Does any one remember super dodge ball for Nintendo? One of the greatest games ever, if this system isn't suited for that game to comeback I don't know what is. Can you imagine playing that game with friends using the Wii?


wiiman900 said:

Ras I remember that game. It was a lot of fun!


Econo said:

OMG havent they already made enough of these? Although the Wii has great potential for making it great.


wii man2 said:

Ras is right. It's nuts. Playing that game for the Wii would be hilarious.


hamham said:

That's my birthday.


WiiRules said:

There was a remake of super dodgeball, in which they replaced the dodgeball with a baby. It was never released outside of the internet.


irule said:

What are you talking about cmk? MP7 was outstanding. Don't blame the fact that you don't like the game in the first place on the later games.


cantwait said:

Mario Party 6 and 7 were awesome, can't wait for the 8th and many more after that, go Wii.


Wii wnt to play!!! said:

I hope you don't have to actually move in the mini games.


Wii-all-the-way said:

The game that WILL make a huge hit on Wii is Oblivion. Trust me it will sell like CRAZY.


Waz said:

It will be sweet with the wiimote.


Epsilon said:

*prays to every god from every religion that MP8 will bring back the greatness of the series*.


CrazyWiiFan said:

You guys are crazy to dis anything they come out with. Wii rocks!


Albi-and-the-wii said:

Yea the first 2 were great, I still play them on my N64. My brothers I think bought all the ones in between and to tell you the truth I thought they sucked and had no potential. I got my Wii on release and love it. All I have been doing since that is playing my Wii. I think the new mario party can have great potentials on the Wii. I can't wait to see how they will use the motion sense in the minigames. I really hope it's online and for more than just 4 players. Also, hopefully no mic.


Wiipaw! said:

*sighs and thinks of all of the good times had with Mario Party 3*. This game will rock! I deeply hope this is Mii compatible.


Unknown said:

Mario party 8 delayed.


james O said:

Man, I can't wait until it comes out, I haven't played a mario party since the 3rd one (I loved it).

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