MySims take to spying

MySims take to spying

EA are really running with this whole MySims franchise, today they've announced yet another title in the lineup. Described as a mystery adventure, this one is called MySims Agents.

The game puts players in the shoes of elite agents, tasked with foiling the plans of an evil underworld boss called "Morcubus". This will involve using gadgets and recruiting a number of different Sims into the squad, each with their own specialized skills including footprint tracking, forensics, lock picking, computer hacking.

The force is strong with this one.

EA's Tim LeTourneau commented:

"We are thrilled to bring you MySims Agents, the next game from MySims, something completely different from any MySims game before. Its mystery-meets-adventure theme allows players to hone their problem-solving skills while still enjoying all the beloved MySims charm, characters, customization and humor".

MySims Agents will be sneaking onto store shelves this Fall. Click over to the game's page for more screenshots.

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Nintendoof said:

No. EA, please stop.


Supersmashdodo said:

This has gone too far.

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Mike said:

Bad EA! Bad bad bad.


LegatoSkyheart said:

How about a SIMS game? Not a game with the word "SIMS" in it.

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Nova said:

Why won't Will Wright go back to games? Spare us this.


Brawler 200 said:

If EA continues to change their MySims franchise, then it is going to share a similar fate to Sonic games where SEGA continues to make sonic games that aren't based on running speed alone.


FlipFlopNinja said:

Man, previous posters are simply ignorant. Don't have a knee-jerk reaction based on little to no data guys. As for a bonafide Sims game on a console: THEY DON'T WORK. Simply put, get a PC if you want to play Sims3. Play the cute MySims games if you have a console. Agents looks pretty, is cute as a button, and plays really well. Really enjoyable. It's like a pixar movie- accessible to kids, but still fun for adults. This is the best MySims game out yet, by far. This will have an 80+ metacritic score; I guarantee it.

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