NBA Live 08 Wii info

NBA Live 08 Wii info

In a recent interview Julien Carron, Online Producer for NBA Live 08 gave some fresh information about the Wii version of the game.


  • Motion controls mimic real-life basketball shots.
  • Pass in any direction using the control pad.
  • No support for the Gamecube controller.


  • Standard leaderboards in place.
  • 4v4 online play. Up to four players on each console.
  • EA Nation system used to arrange matches. No need for Friend Codes.

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User comments


Master Foot said:

Pass the rock Goomba.


da bomb said:

This game is going to be sweet.



Damn goomba's got some hopps, who says that goombas can't jump?


Wii decimates all said:

What. Call me Kodak because everything I do is Picture Perfect,.


Scooby Jew said:

Everything you could expect from Wii, really. They should've gone past the expected though, and added some new and innovative features that would draw people's attention and get even non-sports fans to become interested. But, that's just my thoughts and what the Wii was completely based on in the first place. Only, the Wii was to attract non-gamers. But whatever, this post isn't going to change anything. I was just stating some good advice. My mistake.


lman07 said:

Online! I didnt know that. That's so sweet.


Splintercell4ever said:

Yeah well, EA Sports has that problem. Their yearly additions in each game just aren't that different (except rosters, draft picks etc). They usually only have a couple of new features, with none of their past features updated. Having motion sensor controls and online is a start though.


da bomb said:

They're going to have a dunk contest mode. You do motions and turn them into dunks. Like swing the wiimote bewteen your legs and he'll put the ball between his legs. Swing it behind your head, he'll do a tomahawk. THAT WILL BE AWESOME.


wii player said:

It would be awesome if they had the skills challenge in the allstar weekend.


Gonzo said:

Yea, that would be good, Wii player. In the other NBA Lives they didn't have that.


onfire said:

This game is going to be so sweet.

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