Nintendo of Australia denies GBA games speculation

Nintendo of Australia denies GBA games speculation

Will they, won't they

Yesterday we wrote a little news story about an update posted on the official Nintendo of Australia website. It seemed as though Game Boy Advance games were soon to be made available from the eShop for playing on 3DS. However, a new statement has been released denying this:

"Nintendo Australia would like to confirm the recent update to the website highlighting Game Boy Advance titles are available on Nintendo eShop was posted in error. Nintendo Australia can confirm there are no current plans for Game Boy Advance games to be released on Virtual Console for Nintendo 3DS. We would also like to confirm Dr. Mario is available as a Game Boy title on Virtual Console via Nintendo eShop. We would like to apologize for any confusion this has caused."

- Nintendo Australia statement

Somehow I'm not convinced by that statement?

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Gabe171 said:

They made a little graphic for GBA games and everything so it's no error. This reads like an elaborate cover-up.

5 years ago

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danni FL said:

Now I just don't know what to believe o_O

5 years ago

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