No More Heroes countdown

No More Heroes countdown

The official site for No More Heroes now has a countdown on it, currently set to "9 days". Some confusion has arisen over what exactly it's counting down to, since the game isn't expected for release until 2008. But it seems likely that the website will launch in 9 days.

Link: No More Heroes official site

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wiimaster said:

No More heroes~> best Wii game ever!


wiimaster said:

NMH will release in 2007 in jpn/america and 2008 EU. Goichi suda rocks.


JosephTheSquirrel said:



Ekaj185 said:

Maybe it's like some code like the PS1's you are not E. I don't know, why are you asking me?

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PHiRE said:

Bah EU gets the sharp end of the stick as always. I think it's going to be worth waiting for though, if Killer7 is anything to go by.


Want said:

I wish it was rated T.


Gonzo said:

What IS it rated? And, what IS this game about?


Wiimaster said:

Rated M because you can cut a gangsta in half, no lie - and the suplex. Story revolves around Travis (an otaku) becoming the number 1 assassin in the town of santa destroy, a city with the most powerful hitman ever.

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