Dr Naomi in No More Heroes

Dr Naomi in No More Heroes

A new character has just been added to the roster on the official website for No More Heroes.

She's called Dr Naomi, and here she is in all her drilling glory:

Dr Naomi

There's also a short blurb about her, but it's in that funky language they call "Japanese". I tell you one thing though, if my doctor looked like that I'd be in for REGULAR checkups. IF YOU KNOW WHA'M SAYIN'!!1! Wiggedy wiggedy... high 5.

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Splintercell4ever said:

Hey, japanese is not a funky language. My friend has been learning it since first grade. Anyway, you used incorrect grammar. It should be "If you know what I'm saying!".


Wiimaster said:

Why are all the no more heroes characters so HOT?


InsertPageUp said:

Ooo, how provocative.

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