n-Space unhappy with 3DS sales

n-Space unhappy with 3DS sales

Heroes of their own ruin

Speaking in an interview, the co-founder of game development company n-Space stated that sales figures for their 3DS title Heroes of Ruin were on the low side.

"We're not satisfied with the sales. The 3DS attach rate is challenging at best and it seems that, for all its promise, Heroes of Ruin did not appeal to enough of the installed base."

"I am super pleased with what we made and would love to return to the genre one day, but I fear that Heroes did not have enough commercial impact to justify a sequel." - Dan O'Leary

We never like to hear about a game bombing, and since it was critically well received that's even more disappointing. Did you pick up Heroes of Ruin?

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Aster said:

There was a lot of promo buzz for this game at some point, but it just didn't grab me, or many other people I guess.

5 years ago

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Heidiscope said:

More like ZEROES of Ruin!! hahaha... hmmm :|

5 years ago

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