Obscure 2

Obscure 2

We haven't had a box art in a while, but the drought is over. This is the US version of the survival horror sequel, Obscure: The Aftermath.

I've soiled myself ;_;

A lot of people seem to be looking forward to this, let's hope it doesn't disappoint.

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David K said:

I read a review for a PS2 version of Obscure 2, they gave it something like 22%. Let's hope this Wii version does way better, I for one am looking forward to it.


Scooby Jew said:

I think I've heard of Obscure before, but I know nothing of it. The box art looks cool nonetheless.


DragonFoxCoon said:

Reminiscent of a movie poster. Nice job.


Peach is #1 said:

This looks scary.


The Yoshi Guy said:

Obscure is a good name because I didn't know much about it. Nice cover. But I'll have to pass since it's not my genre.



It's a very good game. I am playing it nowadays.


cman said:

I played all the obscures, they rock this world.


JONNNY said:

I played and completed all the levels - since I tested this game! Yo yo yo.


Tristan said:

This game is fun. Stan is gangster, I have obscure 2 on Wii, I never played the first one.

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