Pier Solar HD has Wii U potential

Pier Solar HD has Wii U potential

16-bit RPG has hi-def dreams

If you're into the Sega Genesis homebrew scene (aren't we all?), you may be familiar with an RPG called Pier Solar which came out in 2010.

After being well received, developers WaterMelon Co decided to set up a Kickstarter project to raise funds for releasing Pier Solar in HD - on Xbox 360, PC, Mac and Linux.

The Kickstarter has already reached its target, but there are further 'stretch goals', the most interesting of which include releasing Pier Solar HD on Wii U. A further $55,000 is asked for to make this a reality, and with only 6 days to go it may not happen.

Here's the video in case you're interested in backing WaterMelon's project:

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Don Perez said:

It looks good fair play, but I don't think they'll reach $200,000 to get the Wii U version going. Beats me why it would take so much extra cash. Greed?

5 years ago

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