Shigsy wants Pikmin 3 fast

Shigsy wants Pikmin 3 fast

Nintendo held a Q&A session at a shareholders meeting recently, one of the key players there was the granddaddy of games, Shigeru Miyamoto himself.

Shigsy expressed that he was keen to get Pikmin 3 released as soon as possible. The franchise was created 10 years ago, born from his love of gardening.

Another, slightly more zany topic of a Nintendo Theme Park was also discussed. Unfortunately the idea was shot down for the time being.

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WiiNinja said:



pikminmaniac said:

Got to be 2011, although I hope it comes later this year.


WiiNinja said:

If it were to come out this year, they would have announced it alongside all the other Fall releases at E3. From what I can tell, they've already got a pretty amazing line-up.


Pikpik said:

Me want.


Austin said:

It must be here ASAP! Asap-an acronym for as soon as possible.

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