Pirates taking on Ninjas in Dodgeball

Pirates taking on Ninjas in Dodgeball

Y'arrr! Pirates or Ninjas? That be the ultimate question, and one ye'd better be ready for this Winter, as Gamecock brings sports title Pirates vs Ninjas Dodgeball onto the Wii. President Harry Miller of Gamecock sung me a shanty:

"The competition between the Pirates and the Ninjas is so huge that battles are breaking out all over. We're happy to bring this grand conflict onto the Wii, giving players a chance to help determine who the ultimate champions are".

Then again, it's not all about the pirates or ninjas - there are five other teams to contend with, including zombies and robots.

  • Eight players supported.
  • Seven varied teams, each with unique abilities and strategies.
  • Special Wiimote controls.
  • Story and challenge modes unique to the Wii version.


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Juan L said:

Man I hope I get my Wifi working before this one comes out.


Diddy Kong Lover said:

I have hopes for this company, Mushroom Men and now this one. Besides it's always been the question of Pirates vs Ninjas.


Master Foot said:

Ninjas are faster. Ninjas win, no contest.


Nintendoof said:

What? Where's the zombies and sasquatches?


emillionare said:

Sounds awesome. I can't wait. Ninjas all the way baby.


Diddy Kong Lover said:

Still where are the Ghosts or the Bigfoots?


WiiNinja said:


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