Pokemon Typing Adventure

Pokemon Typing Adventure

Wild keyboard appeared

I guess I've been living in a cave because this is the first time I've heard of this game, but a press release from Nintendo tells us Learn with Pokemon: Typing Adventure for DS is being released in Europe today. Developed by Genius Sonority, it aims to help players learn typing skills by entering Pokemon names - at the end of each level is a Pokemon boss. A wireless keyboard comes bundled with the game.

Use a keyboard and capture Pokemon!

Go on a totally new kind of Pokemon journey with new Learn With Pokemon: Typing Adventure. Using the included Nintendo Wireless Keyboard, practise your touch-typing whilst encountering your favorite Pokemon!

Help needed!

You'll be taking on the role of a new member of the Elite Typists' Club and aiding Professor Quentin Werty with his research, as you progress through up to 60 courses.

Get a keyboard too!

Get this Nintendo Wireless Keyboard included with the game - it features the standard English key layout and may also work with other Bluetooth-compatible products!

It gets tough!

Fun for beginners and typing pros, Learn With Pokemon: Typing Adventure starts you off gently by just typing the first letter of a Pokemon's name before moving you on to much trickier exercises.

Catch 'em all!

Successfully typing a Pokemon's name will allow you to capture and research them. There are over 400 for you to find, including Legendary Pokemon!

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danni FL said:

Cute! Why is this only in Europe??

2 years ago

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