Prince of Persia game named

Prince of Persia game named

We've long known that a Prince of Persia game was coming to Wii. More details are now known, the game will be called Prince of Persia Rival Swords.

Perhaps unfortunately, it's to be based on an earlier game called Two Thrones from 2005. Ubisoft are expecting a release during March 2007.

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wiiboy101 said:

Rival swords? I think not. It's two thrones renamed. I ain't falling for this ubisoft. There better be more to it than a remake.


Wii Freak said:

Speaking of Ubisoft, they're making a lot of games for the Wii.


Ekaj185 said:

Two Thrones wasn't BAD. It better have slow motion, otherwise how will you pull off those insane moves with a Wii-mote? The last PoP game sucked.


Gonzo said:

Prince of Persia games are adventurous. Imagine playing this with the wiimote.

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