Reggie would love to see GameCube games on Wii U Virtual Console

Reggie would love to see GameCube games on Wii U Virtual Console

Don't you, forget about GC

Given Nintendo's history of backwards compatibility, and more recently emulation using the Virtual Console, many of us have wondered if GameCube games would somehow crop up on the Wii U. While we know the GameCube discs themselves won't be playable, perhaps a selection of games will be made available online. When asked about this, Nintendo of America's president Reggie Fils-Aime didn't have much to say:

"That is a great question. And personally I would love for that to happen, but we have nothing to announce right now."

Make of that what you will. Which GameCube titles would you be interested in downloading onto Wii U?

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danfango said:

I can't actually think of that many. I plan on keeping my Wii though, so I'll still be able to play all my old cube games.

5 years ago

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PHiRE said:

Beyond Good & Evil, killer7, maybe Mario Sunshine and Wind Waker. We'll probably see those last two anyway, in some guise or another.

5 years ago

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