Report Suggests June is Essential For Nintendo's Future

Report Suggests June is Essential For Nintendo's Future

And Iwata's

This June, Nintendo will be holding a vote as to who will be a part of their board of members, and with an internal approval rating dropping from 92.89 to 77.26 percent, Satoru Iwata is doing whatever he can to continue to be a part of the board as CEO.

The report suggests that investors are concerned about how Nintendo plans to make new profits for the company. One Hong Kong investor even suggests bringing Nintendo's famous characters to smartphones as a form of profit, however Nintendo replied by saying:

Are there any companies that make smartphone games while continually sustaining high profits?


Another investor brought up the idea of a Nintendo themed amusement park in Japan, but that idea has also been lost over time.

Iwata stated that the company is trying to find new ways to profit from the Wii U console and feels as though the "Quality of Life" platform, which is a shift in strategy to a non-wearable compliment to the Wii U and 3DS, will be a great success for the company while improving the lifestyle and health of individuals.

However as of March 31st, 2014 the end of the fiscal year, Nintendo experienced a 35 billion yen loss. With June approaching, this is the greatest test for Iwata to turn the company around in 2014 and be the head of a year of success.

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