Wii Smackdown vs Raw 2008

Wii Smackdown vs Raw 2008

Publishers THQ have announced the arrival of WWE on the Wii platform and DS too.

The game is Smackdown vs Raw 2008, featuring:

  1. Eight distinct fighting styles.
  2. New struggle submission system.
  3. New rosters.
  4. New ECW arenas.
  5. Combined season and general manager modes of play.
  6. Weapons.

It's not fully known how it will take advantage of the Nintendo systems capabilities, but the DS game will certainly use some touch screen controls.

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Scooby Jew said:

*gives the buff, constipated guy some fiber*.


Sonic Fan said:

The Animal is unleashed!


wildthang said:

I've always played the Nintendo brand WWE-WWF games, so I've never played Smackdown -vs- Raw. It should be cool, according to all my friends that have played it on other systems.

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Nova said:

Weapons? In a wrestling game?


Ekaj185 said:

Might buy the DS version. When I get off this damn toilet.


Gonzo said:

I promise you I AM getting this game. I want this. This will have all of the new stuff.


Franksy said:

I absolutely love games like this so I'm going to get it to add to my collection of 7 Wii games. Wii owners are going to be very happy over the next few months.


Ian C said:

I hope the weapons don't dissapear every time you use them.

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JAck said:

I really want this. John Cena finally has army shorts. Jeff Hardy's in this crazy awesome new game. CM Punk is also really good. I think Cena is going to be posted on the cover with his title. I wish that Horswoggle can distract the ref and your superstar can hit them with chairs.


victor said:

How many superstars are there?


s vs r 08 4ever said:

All the smackdown vs raw games are awesome, I have every one of them. I'm glad they're going to keep doing this.


chalmer said:

I want this game.


DX ARMY said:

His game is going to be the best game ever I just hope the story mode is more like here comes the pain.

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Cm punk said:

I think I can finish season with cm punk faster than you can buy the game.


Rav said:

How do you get the weapons from under the ring?


deadman said:

That game is so wicked but I'm with you Rav I can't find out how to get weapons from under the ring. I'm even doubting if you can.


zac said:

To get the weapons you have to walk up to the ring and press A OR B.

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