Hudson announces Star Soldier R

Hudson announces Star Soldier R

Through a press release Hudson has confirmed that Star Soldier R is coming to WiiWare in North America. It's a vertical shooter based in space.

SSR challenges players to make and beat high scores, either in a 2-minute mode (one level) or a 5-minute mode (two levels). Each level has its own boss. There's also a Quick-Shot mode to test your reflexes in.

Online leaderboards will be on-hand to match your scores with. There are also three control methods to choose from:

  • Wiimote only
  • Wiimote + Nunchuk
  • Classic Controller

Bigger screens will be available when our WiiWare section is up.

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Keranu said:

This has been my most anticipated WiiWare game. I'm interested in this new "Quick-Shot", that has got to be designed specifically for Mr Takahashi Meijin "16 Shot" himself.

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