Star Wars Force Unleashed on Wii

Star Wars Force Unleashed on Wii

This is kind of just speculation right now, but items on a supposed stock list at Hollywood Video suggest these titles are coming to Wii this year:

  • Star Wars: Force Unleashed
  • Rebel Raiders
  • Pool Party (with cue accessory)
  • Showtime Boxing
  • Super Pickups
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Zendalf said:

Super Pickups? Another guitar game or some kind of brothel runner?


Master Foot said:

Isn't this June a major anniversary for Star Wars nuts? If so, then shame on them for not releasing a Star Wars game for Wii at this time. It would be every Star Wars nerd's wet dream. Ahhh Princess Leah, soon we will rule the galaxy together!


gmoney said:

Per GameFly, Pool Party comes out on 8/2/07.


TDS said:

I wonder if the Wii has the CPU power to handle the new physics effects- I sure hope so!


Person said:

I was actually showing my bro the preview for force unleashed wanting it to come to the Wii and same day it says it is.


Gonzo said:

Yes, finally a Star Wars game for the Wii. My brother was getting mad and said that there were no good games for the Wii. Well, now he has one he can play once and for all.


Brent said:

Yeah, "Super Pickups" has me stumped. Weird name.


Scooby Jew said:

Hmm, Pool Party sounds like an awesome party game when you're drunk.


BonbonJoe said:

Woah. Wiimote as a lightsabre? Probably. And that's complete ownage.

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Nova said:

You bet! I'm going insane over this anniversary. It's June 24th by the way. I was about to get a 360 just for that game. I really hope it comes to the Wii. Star Wars forever!


ps3 sucks said:

If this star wars game does come out it will be great with the lightsaber action. That's if they don't screw the game up.


Crimson Hawk said:

I guess I'm excited about this, I'm not much of a Star Wars fanatic.


Lontt said:

Awesome if they release the star wars game for Wii. I am so never going to turn to the dark side and get an xbox or ps3.


ganondorfrules said:

I wish they would bring out a star wars knights of the old republic 3 and republic commando 2. The first republic commando kind of put me off because of the ending, but yea those 2 games would be appreciated.


Nintendo iQue said:

I wonder if anyone noticed the quote on the picture. I'm not a big Star Wars/Star Trek fan, but I know that the saying there is from Trek and the photo is from Wars. You'd piss off some of my really nerdy friends if they saw that.

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