Tales of Symphonia Wii details

Tales of Symphonia Wii details

A few pieces of info have come out about the sequel Tales of Symphonia: Knight of Ratatosk.

The setting of the game takes place three years after the Gamecube version. The two main heroes are called Emile Castagnie and Malta, they're both sixteen years old. Some remaining characters from the first Tales will be present, but not playable.

The Wiimote will be made use of in a number of ways. To move you will just point it in the desired direction.

Finally you will be able to capture monsters along the way and use them during battles. Gotta catch em all?

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Aquamarine said:



Fire Emblem Fan 14 said:

Awesome! But it's too bad you can't play any old characters, but it said SOME characters may be present. Uh-oh I hope no one passed away.


ganondorfrules said:

Ok this may sound like a stupid question but what is this game about and is it a good series?


SSonic22 said:

Yeah, it's a good series, you should at least buy it for GBA. It's one of the best RPGs. I hope Lloyd is playable.


Kaira said:

Yata! I loved playing ToS, and I can't wait to play this too.


Cush said:

I wonder how sylvarant and tethe'alla are different since the end of the gamecube game. I hope it's just as long too.


AJ said:

Sheena, Kratos and Lloyd better be in the Wii version. TOS is the best game ever.


Sunny said:

Genis better be in this game because he was only 12 in the other version and he kicks butt with his magic attacks.


ElvinMithos said:

I can't believe this, I love tos so much! I also love mithos but that's a different story. And presea is pretty cute.


kratos is best said:

Honestly it will suck if you can't play any gamecube version characters. I think kratos, genis and lloyd were the best characters but other than that this was the best RPG there ever was.


Lexodus said:

Well, that description is utter rubbish. The only main character you CAN'T play as is Kratos, and he's the narrator! Even Zelos is back, proving that his death was non-canonical.


♥ Kratos said:

Well! At least I'll hear Kratos' voice. I hope it's better than the first! I can't wait for them.

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