Room to swing a cat in Tenchu IV

Room to swing a cat in Tenchu IV

New gameplay footage of Tenchu 4 has been released by From Software in some small clips. It turns out that in some segments you'll get to control a cat.

It can do a forward roll and everything. Yep that's one smart moggy. Also, the lady protagonist isn't afraid to dish out some PAIN.

That's all kinds of wrong ;_;

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Crimson Fang said:

Kitty, kitty. Meow :3.


Senpai said:

Cat shaking mini game PLEASE!


ToTaLgAmEr said:

Awesome, this looks kewl.



Interesting to say the least, but I've always enjoyed Tenchu games, especially Tenchu Z so I will pick it up when it's out.


Nintendoof said:

Yay! Cats.


Iron Maiden said:

That second video barfs in the face of family-friendly entertainment.

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