The Amazing Spider-Man coming to Wii U

The Amazing Spider-Man coming to Wii U

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During their NYCC 2012 panel, comic book maestros Marvel revealed that The Amazing Spider-Man is coming to a Wii near U (see what I did there?).

By most accounts, this game wasn't a world-beater on any platform, particularly the Nintendo ones. On the plus side, though, the new Wii U version will come with all of the DLC bundled in:

    Spidey DLC
  • Lizard Rampage pack
  • Oscorp Search & Destroy pack
  • Rhino Challenge pack
  • Stan Lee pack

Will you be picking this one up? It's set to be released in Spring.

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PHiRE said:

I'll probably pass on this one, unless they really do something special with it. Free-roam is essential, they ripped that out of the 3DS and Wii versions.

1 year ago

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