The Fallout from Today's Nintendo Direct!

The Fallout from Today's Nintendo Direct!

What was announced?

The Nintendo Direct event has only just finished and there was a whole bunch of information released about the New Super Smash Bros for Wii U and 3DS. Let's take a brief look at some of the things revealed at today's event:

Whilst no specific release dates were given, we were provided with an rough time period for both versions of the game. The 3DS is due to be released during the Summer, whereas to play the Wii U version, you will have to wait until some time during the Winter!

In terms of the stages, level designs may differ between the Wii U and 3DS versions for the same stages. Also, there will be a bunch of levels unique to both systems. An exciting new feature is the inclusion of boss characters in various stages, which is sure to add an intriguing dynamic to the gameplay. Finally, almost all of the stages in the game will have a Final Destination form, meaning that they can be transformed into the flat, close quarters style that Final Destination is so well-known for.

Some details regarding online play were also provided. Both versions of the New Super Smash Bros will have online functionality. There will be two new modes for online play: For Fun and For Glory. In this upcoming title, there will no longer be any anonymity, since Nintendo ID's will be displayed during the session. When playing with friends, players will be able to set any rules that they wish. A cool new addition is Global Smash Power which will allow players to build-up their own scores. This replaces a ranking system in favour of one whereby players can build up their scores through actions in the single player mode.

New items include a motion sensor bomb, the Beetle from Skyward Sword, a fire bar, a back shield an ore club and much more. There will also be a bunch of new assists trophies in the game, including Andross, Skull Kid and Midna from Zelda, Mother Brain from Metroid Prime and so on. Alongside Poke Balls, the New Smash Bros will also include Master Balls which will be much rarer and will hatch much stronger Pokemon. One such Pokemon is Arceus, which can hit opponents in mid-air with its meteor smash.

We got taken through the returning veteran characters and the changes that have been made to them. Luckily, Zero Suit Samus and Sheik are indeed returning in the new Smash Bros. The newcomers, Little Mac and Wii Fit Trainers, were also focused on. It was revealed that both versions of the game will contain the same rosters.

Different version, same roster

Some unannounced fighters were also unveiled! At the end of the event, a promotional video revealed that two Pokemon, Charizard and Greninja, would be playable characters in the upcoming game!

Charizard Fires it Up!

This article has only briefly touched on what was unveiled at today's Nintendo Direct, but more articles will arrive soon concerning the more specific features of the game that have been announced. Be sure to stay tuned to Wii's World to find out more about the upcoming title for Wii U and 3DS.

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