Tom Brady covers Backyard Football

Tom Brady covers Backyard Football

Humongous Inc made an announcement earlier today revealing Tom Brady will be on the cover of the latest Backyard Football game.

The Backyard franchise is a series of sports games aimed at kids. Tom Brady is a star quarterback for the New England Patriots, winning the Super Bowl three times. He commented:

"I am very excited to be part of the Backyard Football team. I especially like seeing myself and other pro players as kids in the game, it's really funny and brings back great memories of playing football as a child".

Backyard Football is penned for release late next month.

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Why waste sheer talents on garbage like this? (like EA, it's in the trash). The Wii is capable of so much more. Consoles are never pushed to utilize their full potential, I won't be picking this one up.


Gamefreak said:

Aw, crap.


jskrdude said:

Not another backyard sports game. Oh well, I kind of enjoyed backyard baseball when I was little.


Scooby Jew said:

It'd be a lot cooler if Homer Simpson was in the game too. That picture gave me false hopes.


Gonzo said:

Wait, why did you guys put Homer Simpson there? I saw the movie, it was funny though.


Splintercell4ever said:

Dude, quit giving crap to the backyard series. They have all these stereotyped characters: The Wayne's world brothers, the mexican kid who is good at baseball. Everything. I don't know why Tom Brady wasn't on the cover in like 2002. Back when some of you weren't even born.


GMAN192 said:

I used to like the backyard series, but they kind of ruined it. Sunny Day was a great announcer.

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