Transformers new details

Transformers new details

Some small tidbits of info about the upcoming Transformers: The Game have been made public:

- It will make use of the Wiimote's abilities for things like steering and throwing.

- There's a range of 9 autobots and decepticons to choose from and a number of bosses.

- Some characters will be unlockable, some that aren't in the movie (e.g. Wreckage).

- Fully interactive environments, pick up and throw signs etc.

- Grand Theft Auto similarities. You can run amok in the city, if you cause too much trouble the cops will come after you.

- Storyline varies on whether you choose good or evil. Humans take part in the story, but aren't playable.

Sounds promising enough for now. Only time will tell if it turns out to be any good.

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Gonzo said:

That's a lot of good information. I might want to get this game. I'm still waiting for the real GTA though.


jimbotron173 said:

I love transformers. Looking pretty good.


wii rox said:

Autobots, roll!


BrothaZ said:

If it's anything like GTA it's got to be good (grand theft auto for those that don't know).

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