Want to see inside the Wii U?

Want to see inside the Wii U?

Iwata gets technical, with U

The latest edition of Iwata Asks on the Nintendo website gets all technical, with Satoru Iwata interviewing a group of boffins about how various aspects of the Wii U hardware came together. In the room were:

  • Nobuyuki Akagi: Product Development, R&D.
  • Yasuhisa Kitano: Product Development, R&D.
  • Ko Shiota: Deputy General Manager of Product Development, R&D.
  • Genyo Takeda: General Manager of Product Development, R&D.

Here are some pics that resulted from the interview:

Multi Chip Module.

Wii U motherboard.

Graphics Processing Unit and Central Processing Unit.

Heat sink - for dissipating heat.

Fan - for cooling.

Vent - allows air out.

The heat sink and fan positioning.

A transparent Wii U console.

Air flow through the Wii U.

A plastic shield for the heat sink.

Wii U Deluxe front panel.

Wii U and Wii case comparison.

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danfango said:

Good stuff. Nintendo has a great track record of building robust hardware so I'm not expecting any RRODs or similar.

5 years ago

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