We Ski

We Ski

A box art for We Ski from Bandai Namco (or is it Namco Bandai? Stop the madness!).

Skiing with attitude.

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Wii Freak said:

It's good that Namco is using the balance board.


brinkofhumor said:



Super King said:

If it doesn't have a Yeti that chases you down and eats you, it's not a real skiing game.


Jared said:

It's We Ski and not Wii Ski. I did not know that.


wiimaster said:

God companies need to stop making sports games. Yet again it is good bandai namco is using the balance board.


Master Foot said:

That was clever brinkofhumor. I'm ashamed at you Bandai-Namco for promoting underage drinking! For shame.


Quartz said:

Do you want some Whiskey? It makes you feel bettah.


BrAwL said:

Slight chance that I'm getting this game. We'll see.


luwiigi said:

There's a chance this would be a good game, but only if it isn't just EA Playground: Christmas Edition.

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