Wii U system update

Wii U system update

Quick Start and more features

A system update has hit the Wii U with some brand new features. The main feature listed is Quick Start.

Quick Start displays the 10 most used apps and games on the GamePad screen. On choosing an icon, the chosen software will load simultaneously while the Wii U boots up.

Other small features included in the update:

  • User setting and selection experience has been improved.
  • Wii U system updates can now be downloaded and installed when the console is in standby mode.
  • Full-screen alerts and notifications can be displayed on the GamePad controller, even if the system is in standby mode. These notifications will tell Wii U players about new updates, game releases and promotions from Nintendo. These notifications can be adjusted.
  • Simpler Nintendo Network ID setup for new users.
  • Notifications can now be accessed from the Home Menu as well as the Wii U Menu.

Do you feel the new features are worthwhile? Let us know in the comments.

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