Monster safari

Monster safari

Some new box arts have revealed themselves, both animal related. Cabela's Monster Bass is a budget fishing game.

Once I caught a fish alive.

This is Wild Earth: African Safari, an adventure game which puts you in the shoes (or boots) of a journalist. Your mission is to photograph and document thirty different wild animals.

Those meerkats might wanna move.

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Sonic Phantom said:

That African Safari looks like a Pokemon Snap rip-off.


Keranu said:

Those meerkats look hilarious just standing there and watching everything.


MaxyDawg said:

I agree with Sonic. Is that a Phanpy in there? XD.


Jskrdude said:

I hope African Safari is a Pokemon Snap rip-off. Pokemon Snap was awesome, but I don't have my n64 any more.


Nintendoof said:

Nintendo better surprise us with a new game since Brawl is delayed again. Like BAM. Animal Crossing. Or Nintendogs. Or even better yet, Pikmin 3. Anyways, these box arts are okay.


hbh said:

The title got me thinking something else.


Master Foot said:

I think the alpha meerkat is introducing his group to new manor guests. Also, if I were a fish, I would think twice about biting a fluorescent purple worm. Fish fall for it every time.

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