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About me: Other than reviewing games, my interests include reading, working out, writing fiction, and drawing. I also co-publish a blog with some friends of mine.


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Mega Altaria/Lopunny and more confirmed for Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire
Because everyone was clamoring for more Lopunny

Philadelphia Gamestops Now Require Fingerprints for Trade-ins
And they already have your credit card number...

An Interview with Treefall Studios' Eli Brewer
We meet the man behind "The Letter"

An Interview with the developers of The Letter later today
What do you guys want me to ask them?

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on Teslagrad review...

I come back after how many months and I'm greeted with this atrocious pun... Sup Rob.


on A True Next Generation Console...

Did I unintentionally touch off the "opinion article" thing? I feel proud regardless.


on Living in 8-bit...

You're the Virtual Console guy? I'm the edgy loose-cannon narcissist who doesn't play by the rules. Nice to meet me, I'm sure.


on A journey through Hyrule... and the ages...

I personally think Ocarina of Time is one of the worse Zelda games; a lot of the hype comes from those who played it when they were younger. I'd skip OoC, Majora, Adventure of Link, and Skyward Sword (DEFINITELY Skyward Sword). Everything else is fantastic, I'd start with either Link to the Past or Wind Waker. Good Luck!

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Less isn't always More

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When good Dubstep goes bad...

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Insert Joke about the iCloud Stealing your Soul

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These boobs came with a fighting game

Chubbins box

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He has a glandular problem, he swears

Transformers: Rise of the Dark Spark box

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I didn't like it. There, I saved you 40 bucks. Go get FF Tactics.

Transformers: Rise of the Dark Spark box

Transformers: Rise of the Dark Spark review...

My Gatling Guns have Gatling Guns, Yo!

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