Nintendo washing Wiis

Nintendo washing Wiis

A number of Wii users in Japan have been complaining that Super Smash Bros. Brawl fails to load or stutters during gameplay on their console.

Nintendo has deduced the problem is unclean lenses, due to dust and tobacco smoke. Brawl uses a dual layer DVD which they say is more sensitive to the imperfections.

The answer to this is simply to clean your Wii drive's lens (probably using one of those cleaning discs you can buy). Big N are offering cleaning services for free in Japan, providing customers send in their console, a warranty card and the SSBB disc.

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Randolph the Grey said:

How in god's name can they leave their Wiis alone long enough to collect dust? I play mine at least 2 hours a day.


YoshLee said:

That happened to my Wii once. Thank god I called Nintendo of America, all I had to do was pay the shipping and it was technically my fault the Wii broke.


Aeth said:

Yikes, this might have caused a large problem with Brawl! Luckily it has a simple solution. If they include a cleaning disk in the North American release of Brawl I'm going to laugh.


ROB and BOB said:

Weird. But good idea, I guess. I want Brawl, lucky people in Japan. Good thing my Wii isn't dirty, I don't smoke, yay.


Diddy Kong Lover said:

Hope that doesn't happen when it hits America.


NIckhead said:

I think the main criticism about SSBB is that the Wiimote controls are completely useless.


wordpuddles said:

I hope that doesn't happen here in North America. That could cost millions.


Wiipaw said:

*Calls Nintendo* uh, hi, my Wii drive is messy, NOW WHEN ARE YOU SENDING ME SSBB!?


wiiboy101 said:

People putting dusty discs in the Wii. How hard is it to wipe a disc over before use? At least the kids don't grab at spinning discs like in dreamcast, gamecube, ps2 slims etc and scratch them.


Plaugefiend said:

I don't know why, but seems funny. Luckily I don't smoke, so I don't need to worry about that problem.


i need a wiieww said:

I'd hate to have to wait EVEN LONGER for brawl.


LOZfan said:

So this must have been the reason for the delay! Why didn't you say that in the first place Nintendo?


wii fanatic said:

But on another note, DANG! Brawl needs both sides to play?! Pretty big game we're expecting here.


TruBlu said:

No one smokes in my house, so I'm in luck.


Tennindo said:

That sucks. That better not happen for the US game.

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