SNK classics Wii-bound

SNK classics Wii-bound

Publishers SNK are releasing a compilation disc, SNK Arcade Classics Volume 1. It contains sixteen of their classics from the arcade days, although many of these are already available through the Virtual Console.

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Diddy Kong Lover said:

Nice one baby, this is going to be a hot compilation.


Juan L said:

Yes! I've wanted a lot of these games on the vc, buy didn't want to waste memory.


vivalawii said:

At "Juan L" it would be cheaper to buy a 1 Gig memory card, just a thought.


Master Foot said:

That's a good way to save Wii memory; with a compilation disc.


Son Ninja said:

I love this collection but I would rather have them on the VC than on one disc though. I know memory is a problem on the Wii but when you could re-download the same game to play again for free forever on your Wii, that's a big plus. I know having this disc is a big money saving grace with a good package but if the disc is bad the games are going to be loss with it. On the VC, it won't be like that and you could play until you had enough then delete it and replay it again. Of course I wish Nintendo would made memory cards or hard drive that we could save our VC games so we won't need to delete them but oh well. We can't have everything.


guythp said:

A compilation disc is certainly the way forward. With 16 games on one disc for the price of around 4 via vc it's a better deal. I'll certainly be PRAYING for a "SNK classics II" with viewpoint, Samurai Shodown II, 'nam '75, Alpha Mission II and League Bowling included in the line up (please? PLEASE?). Then balance shall be restored within the universe.


yoyohead said:

You can get the samurai shodown anthology for the Wii now. So that takes care of all of those samsho fans.

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