Suda51 has "no plans on Nintendo titles"

Suda51 has

Grasshopper Manufacture isn't making a hop to the Wii U/3DS

As a huge fan of Lollipop Chainsaw (GASP! GRIFFIN PLAYS OTHER CONSOLES? BLASPHEMY!), I couldn't help but feel a little sad hearing the news that Suda51 isn't cooking up yet another quirky and bloody adventure for the Wii U or 3DS, despite making comments that he had been currently preoccupied playing titles on the handheld.

A shame, too; some of Suda51's biggest cult hits have been hosted on Nintendo consoles, namely Killer7 and the Wii exclusive No More Heroes. Currently, he is developing a free-to-play survival/action game exclusively on the PS4 called Let it Die, so his contractual and creative obligations may currently be too heavily invested in Sony's new console for a project on Nintendo's systems.

Even though he hasn't ruled out the possibility of a title farther down the line, it sure is sad to see Suda51 openly separating himself from a developer he shares such a great history with.

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Rob Jones said:

That's not great news :( I loved Killer7.

3 years ago

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Garrett Thomas said:

I was hoping for No More Heroes 3...

3 years ago

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