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on Supporting the Little Guys...

I used to go to GameStop for nearly every game I purchased, but since Nintendo provided me with the Deluxe Digital Promotion offer, I have really only been in there to purchase eShop giftcards, and even then I only do it to earn GameStop rewards points (so that I can nab a good deal or renew my GI subscription for free). Out here in Virginia, we have a small group called Video Game Heaven, and they deal in all manner of games; not just the games themselves from every system ever, but in the merchandise relating to the games as well; they have an old Primal Rage arcade cabinet for sale for a couple grand, as well as a collection of rare games still sealed in their packaging. Better yet, they deal in trades across the globe, so if you want a game that they don't have, you can be put on a mailing list to know if and when they get the game in.


on Tetris Ultimate...

I will own this. Just letting you all know now :)


on 2014 Elite Status Gifts Have Been Announced!...

That's what I am worried about, too. I want to get my hands on an additional set of Nintendo Hanafuda, but they haven't been in the rewards since I've had enough points, and this is one of the first products that Nintendo ever sold.


on 2014 Elite Status Gifts Have Been Announced!...

I'm right there with you guys. I figured at the very least I'd be able to get another calendar for next year, too. From the options, though, I can't decide between Game & Wario and NES Remix. Any opinions?


on A journey through Hyrule... and the ages...

I second Andrew's comment; a map is a must have! I remember the first time I played LoZ, my father and I bought a stack of paper an pencils and drew our own map as we played through. We would compare maps as we each explored in different directions (we would play on separate files), and we would seek out every heart we could find. Once we got that magic sword, the game became a breeze to finish... And then there was Second Quest. If you still aren't sure about playing LoZ first, then why not try playing the games in Chronological order? The Hyrule Historia lays it out for you pretty well. Good Luck!

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