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on A journey through Hyrule... and the ages...

Thanks guys! I know I have been away for months and just saw this but reading all of these helpful comments kinda of resparked my interest :) though...I haven't made much progress but I definitely plan to at least finally make it to the End of my modern Zelda games that have been left unfinished!


on Talking with Nintendo: Takashi Tezuka...

I am not sure if I saw that last part I need to go check out the videos they posted. But I mean come on, they bought out the mask on stage during the Smash Bros. tournament that HAS to be something.


on Talking with Nintendo: Takashi Tezuka...

I definitely want to see Mario Sunshine on Wii U because it was honestly one of my favorite Mario games. I also never got the chance to play Majora's Mask so that would be great to go with Ocarina of Time on 3ds. Nintendo has been teasing MM so much that it would be CRUEL if they don't actually announce it soon...er eventually.


on Hyrule Warriors Special Edition to Come with Triforce Clock......

I am so jealous! North America hasn't been getting any of the special editions lately. Fingers crossed they make some cool editions for North America soon!

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