Amiibo Preview

Amiibo Preview

Nintendo joins the NFC party

Aside from the awkward name, these NFC figures look promising. With this announcement many are wondering if amiibo will be able to catch on in the same way Disney Infinity and Skylanders have. If executed correctly they have the potential to be a big hit, but will they?

The collectability alone will be enough for some Nintendo fans, like myself, to pick up some amiibo figures. You can also bet on kids begging for these as soon as they see them on the shelves. However, to really take flight the successful and meaningful integration of the figures into various games will be very important. The Super Smash Bros. and Mario Kart 8 compatibility are a solid start, but after the initial launch there will need to be a title dedicated entirely to these figures in order to properly demonstrate their capabilities. No, this should not be a Skylanders clone; in fact, this could become something much more evolved if Nintendo puts the right teams to work on it.

Also, let's talk about the most obvious use for these figures...POKEMON. If there is anything that can skyrocket sales of these amiibo figures and get Wii U systems flying off the shelves it's Pokemon. Imagine a Wii U Pokemon fighting game where you can level up your amiibo starter figure. Just take a second and imagine the starter packs they could sell. *Throws money at Nintendo* If this perfect pairing doesn't happen it will be a HUGE wasted opportunity. The stage is set, now we just have to sit back, play some Mario Kart 8, and wait for more news.

So what do you guys think, will you be picking up some amiibo this holiday season?

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