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About me: I created and maintain this site. Wii's World has been around since the run-up to the Wii launch in 2006.

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on Bulb Boy review...

@mdog86 that might make more sense! Not that bulb boy is big on making sense.


on Nintendo President Satoru Iwata Passes Away at 55...

Thank you Iwata, rest in peace.


on The Nintendo GameCube: An Interesting Legacy...

I am a big fan of the GameCube controller, so comfortable!


on Cosmophony review...

Welcome back Griffin!


on Is Nintendo Making A New Wii U Gamepad?...

It certainly does look different there in the pic... more 'compact' I'd say.


on Yacht Club Games Interview...

Nice one Matt, good interview.


on Nintendo Introducing a Pre-Download Option for its Digital Releases...

I've got the basic white Wii U, so my USB hard drive is a godsend.


on Game Freak Exploring Amiibo Functionality...

There's such a wide range of Pokemon though, you'd think a lot of them would have to be left out?


on The Fall review...

I'm intrigued. I really like the premise of The Fall, but games that are set 'in the dark' sometimes irritate me (like Doom 3). Hope it comes to Europe!


on Hyrule Warriors Limited Edition Confirmed for US...

For a second there I thought that was a console bundle.


on Street Fighter 2010: The Final Fight review...

What an excellent review! Even though I'm a NES gamer of old, I had never heard of this game until the recent 3DS release.


on Is a Last Story Sequel Coming?...

But then that would mean the Last Story wasn't really the last story! I suppose that hasn't hindered 'Final' Fantasy.


on Xenoblade's Shulk Officially Confirmed in Super Smash Bros....

"Looks like we don't have a choice!", I wonder if that's a slight nod to the leak.


on Fish now plays... Street Fighter II...

Robert the Bruce let me right down, lost all my chips.


on Super Smash Bros. Leaker Discovered...

I'm thinking no, it probably wasn't worth it! I imagine Nintendo's a pretty cool place to work.


on SteamWorld Dig review...

Great review. I'm looking forward to getting this, the longevity doesn't worry me too much.


on Leak Reveals Rest of the Super Smash Bros. Roster...

Updated the article with the reuploaded vids. Not sure how long they will last if big N are keep to stamp them out though.


on Leak Reveals Rest of the Super Smash Bros. Roster...

"This video is no longer available due to a copyright claim by Nintendo of America Inc.." - could well be legit :)


on My Top Five Mario Games...

A controversial opinion, but Sunshine is probably my fave too. I finished Galaxy 2 recently and that was great as well.

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Bunny movin'

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Perplexing pixelated picture puzzles perhaps?

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Putting for one.

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Sega does what Nintendoes.

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Motion in the small ocean.

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Difficult difficult lemon difficult.

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Hardkore fun (...not that kind)

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Draw your own conclusions (a-haaa).

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Good times or a load of balls?

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Cats and ninjas, a winning combination?

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