Steve Jackson's Sorcery! now on consoles

Steve Jackson's Sorcery! now on consoles

It's a kind of magic

Console players who are fans of wordy story games have a lot to be excited about today...

Steve Jackson's Sorcery! has launched on Nintendo Switch, Xbox, and PlayStation!

Embark on an epic quest to recover the stolen Crown of Kings in this four-part adventure, presented for the first time as one complete game. inkle partnered with publisher No Gravity to bring their bestselling adaptation/expansion of Steve Jackson's cult 1980s gamebooks to consoles.

An epic adventure through a land of monsters, traps and magic, where every decision is yours and every choice is remembered. A narrative created from tens of thousands of choices. Battle strange creatures. Cast weird and wonderful spells. Discovers secrets in every corner of an open world.

  • Explore freely - go where you want through a hand-drawn, 3D world, creating your own unique story.
  • Totally dynamic storytelling - the story adapts itself around everything you do. Cheat, charm, or play with honour, the choice is yours.
  • Wield powerful magic - strange spells with powerful story-changing effects.
  • Fight enemies both smart and strange - unique combat mechanic based on timing and psychology.
  • Gamble with swindlers - Swindlestones is a game of bluff, conversation and deceit.
  • Multiple endings, and hundreds of secrets - the game is stuffed with secrets and hidden content.
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