Bully: Scholarship Edition

Published by Rockstar, Developed by Rockstar

Genres: Action / Adventure (2 players)

US release date: Mar 4th, 2008 | EU release date: Mar 7th, 2008

Bully: Scholarship Edition

Bully: Scholarship Edition takes place in the fictional New England boarding school of Bullworth Academy, and tells the story of 15-year-old Jimmy Hopkins as he experiences the highs and lows of adjusting to a new school. Capturing the hilarity and awkwardness of adolescence perfectly, Bully: Scholarship Edition pulls the player into its cinematic and engrossing world. Universally acclaimed upon first release, Bully: Scholarship Edition is a genre-crossing action game with a warmth and pathos that is unrivaled.

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User comments


The Face said:

I hope this game is good. I heard good things about the ps2 version and this could only be better right? Also, the main character sort of looks like bobby from king of the hill.


InsertPageUp said:

I have the PS2 version, Bully kicks ASS. I wish they would make a sequel. This game is so awesome. It's like GTA except at a school environment, I only wish the game was harder. I might get the Wii version, or I might get my sis to get it for the Wii (she loves that game).


Negative said:

Oh my god! It's so cool. I'm going to get it for Wii 100%.


doublea said:

Dude it would be awesome to make a sequel, like maybe a summer camp version or one where you're in college, or a complete different story, maybe a prequel.


wii man said:

Definitely getting this one.


master jf bully said:

Do you guys think they will have a sequel?


Wii Fanatic said:

They should have a sequel and I'm definitely getting this.


ToTaL GaMeR said:

Wow the graphics are pretty good from the looks of it, I probably will get it.


i need a wiieww said:

Wow those pics are much better graphics.


ToTaLgAmEr said:

I want this game.


wiiboy101 said:

Great graphics for simple ps2 code with a Wii polish. I don't mind ports if they're done correctly and are a good idea to start with.


Diddy Kong Lover said:

Sa'weet, pretty decent graphics, looks good.


Wiipaw said:

I have a feeling Billy Hopkins will be in GTA V.


Dark Devil said:

All I wish is that there would be cheats for this game and that there will be a sequel, like bully graduates and goes to college or something. I also wish for a bigger map and little harder game and more hot girls.

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