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About me: Hey I'm Jonathan, I'm really into Video Games, Nintendo, Cartoons, Horror, Urban Legends, Halloween... way too much to describe, say hi!

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on Street Fighter 2010: The Final Fight review...

Oh man I remember this one, hard as nails.


on The Little Mermaid vs DuckTales...

Speaking the truth. Both really great games.


on Top 5 Mario Games...

Agreed on all of that. What did you think of Super Mario 3D World yourself? I didn't mind it, but personally I felt like it hadn't been too long since I had played 3D Land and I didn't really need a game in that vein again that soon. I do miss the days that Nintendo released one game on one particular engine. But don't get me wrong, objectively that game is a fantastic product and you're totally right, Super Mario 3D World would have given everyone something to play for half a year whilst the Wii U tried to get its footing.


on Top 5 Mario Games...

It would be awesome and certainly a blast of nostalgia, but I think development costs are just too much these days, the best we get is demo-games like Wii Sports, which I certainly liked a lot, but it's no Super Mario World.


on Living in 8-bit...

Haha, I like to go pretty crazy with the effects and bend the sounds to make them sound NES'y. A lot of fun, thanks!


on Living in 8-bit...

Ah, the Amstrad. I never had one but I had a Spectrum and my uncle had a Commodore so I got to mess around with that : ) Manic Miner was one of my favorite PC games Yeah man, got really into it a few months back. First started MML, realized how painful it is writing out everything in what is essentially code and then started using Famitraker. If you wanna check out a portion of something I'm working on, I uploaded this for a reviewer on Youtube who's gonna' use a bit of it soon : )


on Living in 8-bit...

I'm an idiot, that was meant as 2015. It's been a long day, haha. In between this article I was trying to get a chiptune song off the ground and it was bugging me til' no end. I owned Adventure Island as a kid too, seemed like a popular one over here. Did you ever play a game called Boulder Dash? Was one of my childhood favorites.


on Living in 8-bit...

Sure, it could totally be different for people around the UK. People where I lived weren't willing to pay more for the Nintendo when Sega had a cheaper system and cheaper games, plus I was a 90's kid so by the time I was bought a Nintendo the Super Nintendo was released. What games did you have for it? : )


on Living in 8-bit...

Your a loose-cannon who won't play by anyone's rules, but by god you get the job done. Congratulations Griffin, you're promoted.


on Pokemon Rumble Blast review...

Looks interesting, will give it a rent some time!


on A journey through Hyrule... and the ages...

I played all of them up until Majora's Mask, which was fun but an ordeal. I have played others after Ocarina, but those first five were the ones I knew very well. Ocarina of Time, as a person who didn't play the game properly until 2011, is my favorite game of all time. It was playing in this huge world that after transversing for hours upon hours, got to me emotionally. Now going back to that game is like going back to an old house you used to live in. I have many memories in that world and have played through the game countless times, I guess that's why I love that one so much. The original Zelda is definitely my second favorite. It's that world with no restrictions, the way you can go into any dungeon you want at any time and travel the whole world without someone telling you where to go. I would definitely advise playing through them all, those first five are absolutely fantastic... even, dare I say it, Zelda II.

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