4 Greatest Combinations of Video Games and Online Pokies

4 Greatest Combinations of Video Games and Online Pokies

Video games are so popular nowadays. This popularity inspires different spheres to use themes of video games as a foundation. The greatest example is the world of online casinos. Maybe the most famous casino game, pokies, has gained plenty of these themes. So, it is easy to find online pokies based on a franchise of gaming.

The diversity of pokies with elements of video game topics is impressive. But we want to concentrate on the most successful attempts to combine these two fields.

Resident Evil

Variations of online pokies attract a good great deal of gamblers around the world. No wonder, especially when we speak about a mix of the entertainment area and online pokies.

The first case that we would like to focus on is Resident Evil pokie. It is an ideal decision for fans of movies, video games and online gambling. Yes! It is a super combo!

This combo will send you back to the latest 90s when you played your favourite game on PlayStation. Online pokies of Resident Evil have a similar style of surviving in the horror atmosphere. You will be exciting and totally intriguing for sure.

Tomb Raider

Plenty of branded gambling providers have online casino games themed by video gaming. Case in point, at this Ricky Casino review you can find perfect solutions of casino games with a foundation in gaming.

Of course, almost every person heard about Lara Croft. She is not only the character in the eponymous film. She is a personage of online pokies machine. Five reels and fifteen pay lines are waiting for you there.

What is more pleasant, this online pokies variant has a simple but interesting gameplay with perfect music and graphics.

Call of Duty

It is a legendary game of Call of Duty. It gave birth to online pokies that fans of gambling adore. Players all around the world can find this online pokie on various platforms and websites. If you want to ask "Why is it so easy to find this casino game?" - we can say that the answer is on the surface. It includes all original aspects of CoD, interesting decisions in graphics and, what is more, many juicy bonuses are waiting for you there.


The perfect pokie by Microgaming based on Hitman has a lot of fans. It includes wild and various pay lines that can increase your winning chances. In addition, you can influence on your final results - you can select weapons and goals. It is only one example of special offers of Hitman online pokies.

This casino game is available on different types of gadgets - it doesn't matter PC or a mobile phone. As you can see, everything is made with love for every player of this game.


If you are an enthusiast of video games and gambling products that are based on gaming this list is surely for you. Every representative gives you a unique chance to play just for fun or play for real money. It depends only on your desire. Moreover, all "heroes" of this list are full of perfect storylines, interesting solutions in themes, bright symbols, and, of course, different rules.

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