Wii desktop cursors

Wii desktop cursors

A deviantART user called allewun has created a set of Wii-themed cursors for use in Windows XP. The gloved hand, blue loading ring and B trigger are all present.

Wii cursors
Wii cursors by allewun.

If you're interested in giving them a go, usage instructions are as follows.

  1. Download them.
  2. Make a folder, e.g. C:\WINDOWS\Cursors\Wii
  3. Unpack them into that folder.
  4. Control Panel > Mouse > Pointers, change each one and save the new scheme.
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User comments


Quartz said:

And of course he doesn't make it work on Mac. Of course!


Crimson Hawk said:

They all look the same.

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PHiRE said:

Pretty cool, I'm using the normal hand for pointing, blue hand for clicking links and circle thing for "loading".


Leonardo said:

Yeah great. Discriminate Mac. Not everyone has a PC!


Orpheon said:

The cursors are very snazzy indeed, and they bring a certain homely touch to those using Vista, thanks to the similar design.

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Mike said:

Cool! I'm using it now.


Ekaj185 said:

I'm using it right now.


wherewulf1 said:

Wicked, I'm using these.


Scooby Jew said:

Freaking AWESOME! I'm so using this forever now.


Chaos said:

They look great and all, but even though I don't have one, spare a thought for all the Mac owners out there. They need Wii cursors too.


Gonzo said:

I have the regular gold cursor for my computer.


itstimetoplaydawii said:

I am amazed. I have been going to DeviantART for about a year now, you should look at the masterpieces they make.


Elementrat said:

Brilliant. I would use these if my family wouldn't get angry.


Renzo said:

They look great. But, what's the point of Mac? It is a sucky type of computer mainly for music fans that have a hard time figuring out a computer.


Wii Freak said:

I'm going to download them right now.


itstimetoplaydawii said:

They are cool, but I tried burning it on to my other computer (that doesn't have internet) and they look all screwy. They are cool though. Why do people even buy macs? Over half of the popular computer games don't even work on the mac.


Genius said:

These are AWESOME! I'm using them right now! Also, make sure that, if you can, you give the cursor a trail (I used the second notch). It leaves a trail o the Wii, so why not your computer too?


hbh said:

I have a mac. It hardly ever crashes, and I have never gotten a virus.


Pizza2225 said:

There is only one word to describe this cursor: AWESOME.

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Eric said:



Legofan623 said:

EPIC I love these.

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MitchellStudios said:

The Wii was awesome!

3 years ago

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gw117 said:

The download link doesn't work...

2 months ago

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