Green Wiis for developers

An anonymous source took some photos of the Wii used for development and testing. It turns out these machines have green faceplates. Take a look:

Green Wii
Developer's green Wii
Wii SDK Green

Note these systems are only for people who make games, it's unlikely any Wiis will be released like this. Little is known about how customisable the Wii will be, perhaps faceplates in varying styles will be made available in time.

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Hey said:

Oh boy, different colors!


Spex said:

Hehe, kind of neat I guess. Might be cool if they make a black one, or hell, any color. Isn't white supposed to match with anything really?


quartzlcc said:

Wow, and those screenshots prove how small the Wii is!


Econo said:

Yeah I agree with quartzlcc. Also I would love it if they made a whole bunch of faceplates. I'd be excited to see what they make!


Gam3r_with_revenge said:

Dead sexy! Can't wait.


wii-mote dude said:

Even with that disgusting shade of green, the Wii still looks good.


DBoy said:

I think that is Microsoft's version. "We HAVE COOL FACEPLATES!" 360 suxx.


FoolKilla said:

The official color is white to reduce production costs.


Wii-Worshiper said:

This is all cool but you still can only choose white from launch, which does not bother me because I wanted mine in white anyway.


Gonzo said:

It looks like a faceplate.


Darwin said:

Wow that's nice, they should make designs on the face plate.

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robcfg said:

I worked with those some years ago, and they are basically identical to the home unit, but it needed special recordable DVDs (5 euros a piece), that had a ring on the surface that prevented the recorded discs from being used on a retail unit or using a retail game on the devkit.

5 months ago

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