Alberta Colleges and Universities

Alberta Colleges and Universities

Check the list of the best institutions in Alberta.

Alberta attracts people for many reasons. It has beautiful nature, a dry continental climate, and has one of the strongest economies in Canada. The oil industry, agriculture, and technological industry ensure the high GDP per capita in Alberta. In 2007, this number was the highest in Canada. No wonder that people who live there don't want to move to another province or country in search of greener pastures. And quite the opposite, youth from the nearby provinces and countries do their best to study in Alberta and continue living here.

No matter where you live, you are probably interested in the educational system of Alberta province. Well, the quality of education here is outstanding. Canadian education in itself is highly respected worldwide. If you manage to enter one of the following colleges and universities, you may be sure you'll get a top-class knowledge and diploma that'll open all the doors for you.

Keyano College

The variety of programs in Keyano attracts a large number of students. Nowadays, more than 3,000 people study there. Here it's possible to obtain a traditional college diploma, finish a 1-2 year transfer program, get a certificate or complete a full degree program. Keyano is a public college, established in 1965 and providing training in a variety of different programs:

  • Practical Nurse;
  • Social Work;
  • Business Administration;
  • Environment Technology;
  • Electrician.

Spending time on studies is good, but college encourages students to enjoy this time to the fullest and offers many activities for them to get involved in, for example, intramural sports.

The University of Alberta

Almost 35,000 thousand students chose this place to become their alma mater, and it's easy to understand why. The University of Alberta is one of the best institutions in the province, so entering it is a kind of challenge not all people can complete. The success often depends on the admission paper the student submits. If you plan to enter it, you'd better ask for expert assistance. College and university students often have difficulties with specific types of essays, such as definition argumentative essay, and no wonder that students prefer to get paper rater online to tackle this challenge. You may also check, but they differ a little from admission papers. If you sincerely want to get a Bachelor's degree here, you'll certainly manage to submit a high-quality essay, even with the expert's help.

Lakeland College

Almost a half of all students who obtain education in Lakeland College manage to juggle it with part-time and even full-time work because this college offers both full and part-time programs. It's a post-secondary college, the campuses of which are located in Lloydminster and Vermillion. These two towns are small and calm, so they perfectly suit students who hate the fuss and noise that chase them in the metropolis. Lakeland College is one of the oldest institutions in Canada. People know it and are interested in obtaining knowledge here. College welcomes new students and is ready to assist anyone in selecting a program of study.

MacEwan University

You might have heard about MacEwan College, but since 2009 it hasn't existed. The government decided to add it to the list of higher educational institutions and became the sixth university in Alberta province. This university was established as the Grant MacEwan College in 1971 and let people obtain certificates and diplomas only. MacEwan University awards certificates, degrees, and diplomas in numerous branches of science: Psychiatric Nursing, Design, Communication Studies, Police Studies, Theatre Arts, Music, and Commerce. MacEwan meets the needs of those who want to continue studying or upgrade the qualification and lets them enter the School of Continuing Education.

Red Deer Polytechnic

This institution was established as a small community college in 1964. Now, Red Deer Polytechnic is a large post-secondary institution, awarding degrees to students from Alberta region and nearby provinces. RDC is going through the transition process to become a university - the program was announced in 2019 and should have lasted for three years. However, in 2021, the government decided that Red Deer will become an institution and finished the transition. RDC is now the main research and educational hub in Central Alberta. It offers students to obtain degrees in business, fine arts, sciences, trade - the overall number of programs is 75. Besides certificates and diplomas, people may obtain advanced certificates and apprenticeship degrees. If you already have a college degree, you may also upgrade your knowledge at Red Deer Polytechnic.

Grande Prairie Regional College

This institution has been existing since 1966. The main campus is located in Grande Prairie, and the second one is in Fairview. However, most students prefer applying to distance programs and attend classes online. There are 16 university programs, such as Nursing, Kinesiology, BA, Commerce, Open Studies. Moreover, Grand Prairie College lets people obtain diplomas and certificates in Foundational Learning, Health Care Aide, Personal Trainer, Unit Clerk, Educational Assistant, and many others.

Athabasca University

The primary goal of this university is to deliver a top-class online education. And it seems to achieve this aim because Athabasca University is known to be the leading Canadian distance learning institution. Its philosophy is an example of all other educational establishments: to make education accessible, open new educational opportunities for young and adult people, and move beyond the different borders. According to the official data, students from 84 countries currently attend online classes at this university.

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