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on Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate review...

Hey Jeremy, just recently started the game myself. Would you mind sending me your gathering hall/hunter info later? If you're done with the game, what about in MHG when it comes out? Also, does the game's pacing pick up after the first 'urgent' quest in single player? Seems like there's a little too much item gathering for my liking.


on Game of the Year 2014...

You know, I actually did forget about how Smash was mostly developed by Namco! You're likely right about the cause then.


on Game of the Year 2014...

Bayonetta 2 is pretty awesome Zach, but Shovel Knight was too! I'd say that there are two reasons Smash is not on the list: First, it isn't a drastic improvement on the formula like how Melee was over Brawl, i.e. it's more a 'by the numbers' sequel. The other is that Nintendo still does not seem to care about online play, and that was a huge disappointment. Considering that it came out six years after Brawl, they had enough time to figure things out! Mario Kart 8 also seems to work well online, so why not Smash?


on Yacht Club Games Interview...

Hey Matt I know this is a little late, but did Yacht Club like my review of the game? Did they mention it at all? I'm curious.


on A journey through Hyrule... and the ages...

Hey Kacy, I actually had the same problem when trying to go back to the older Zelda games. OoT was my first 'real' Zelda game too. So what did I do? I wasn't afraid to get a little help. Zelda 1 for example is a lot more non-linear than any other game in the series. If you want to have a real chance of finishing, I'd suggest getting a map showing the locations of heart containers. Not only does this give you more life, but they are necessary for the better swords. Once I knew where extra rupees, hearts etc. were, the game became much more like the later Zelda titles. Zelda 2, the adventure of Link is a different story. If you are not good at 2D action games, you'll die a lot. There's a reason why it is considered the 'Dark Horse' of the series. The best 'past' Zelda game to start is probably 'A Link to The Past'. Though ALttP is not quite as expansive as OoT, gameplay, story, music and sense of exploration are extremely similar. There's a reason why many consider it a favorite SNES game. That, and it is nowhere near as hard as Zelda I. Plus, warp points like in OoT! If you'd like any other info, feel free to ask.


on Nintendo at E3...

Hey Jack,, what day is the digital event? You mentioned time, but not day.


on Little King's Story review...

To Little King's story I mean.


on Little King's Story review...

Hey everyone, I know this is YEARS after the review, but I have to make a correction. The opening sequence music isn't original like I thought. Instead, it's another classical piece called Bolero. A great piece, but sadly not original.


on Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon...

Hope everyone likes the review. A good game, but not what I was expecting.


on Fire Emblem: Awakening...

I'm back! Hope everyone enjoys the review.

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